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Posted by Gaby zeng on 10 January 2014

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Posted by Gaby zeng on 25 December 2013

In 2008, the Angel Music Festival was founded to create a great musical experience for pregnant mothers. This festival lets local Chengdu pregnant mothers experience the international musical highlife. The Angel Music Festival has now been running for 4 years, so this meant for celebrations. In 2013, its fifth anniversary, the ‘Angel amusement park’ launched the first parent-child interaction concert and BlueSun PR was also involved. The concert is divided into the following parts: ‘the wonderful journey of life’, ‘angel of the amusement park’ and ‘grow together with the angel’. The angel’s songs all involve these things, the entire concert they play live acoustic guitar, there are live djembe shows, pregnant mothers with their fathers are present at the performance and there is always family interactive sessions plus a thanksgiving slideshow presentation. As the music transforms, the pregnant mothers,parenting families can experience the wonderful musical performance. The ‘Angel’ also reflects respect and integration of international life; ‘integrity, responsibility, passion and innovation’ are the purposes of running the hospitals.

 2008年,安琪儿在成都开创了全新的妇产医疗模式,将人性化的医疗理念带到我们身边;让我们成都的孕妈妈能在本地就体验到国际化的高端孕产。 安琪儿五周年庆之际,安琪儿音乐会已经走过了四个年头。很荣幸,2013年安琪儿五周年“天使的游乐园”首届亲子互动音乐会,蓝耀公关也参与其中。音乐会共分为“美妙的生命之旅”、 “安琪儿的游乐园”、“与安琪儿一同成长”、“献给安琪儿的歌”四大乐章;整场音乐会以现场弦乐演奏、木吉他乐队秀、非洲鼓现场秀、与现场孕妈妈、准爸爸、亲子家庭互动环节以及感恩分享环节穿插表演。随着音乐的不同变换,让孕妈妈、准爸爸及亲子家庭共同体验音乐的美妙。也同时体现了安琪儿对生命的尊重以及接轨国际,“诚信、责任、激情、创新"的办院宗旨。

Posted by Ricky de Haas on 01 December 2013

On the 4th of November 2013, BlueSun PR co-sponsored with our old partner -Fuli Group to hold Tianfu conference . This time we welcomed guests of the students from Southwest China EMBA’ Delicious food was presented for all the participants. The live Jazz performance brought a whole new element to the event. BlueSun did not only help to create a positive and lively atmosphere within the venue but showed that with professional teamwork and collaboration this can lead to positive outcomes and makes people experience things like never before.


Posted by Ricky de Haas on 29 November 2013

In recent months BlueSun has been holding a lot of events in cooperation with local charities and at our White Party, which took place on The 26th of November it, was no different. Our company believes in giving back to the community and less fortunate “we meet and do good”. For this particular event we cooperated with China’s Children Charity Foundation. The White Party was also held in support for all the single ladies looking for love. BlueSun not only provides a comfortable space for ease of business communication but every guest that attended the event was also providing support for ‘mother angel’ children’s charity. Yao PR helped plan the charity activities that were present at the event, in cooperation with the charity. All of this combined with the white business cocktails at the event this was a very well thought through and successful event. During the event, the famous Romanian singer Janina performed live for the attending guests and there was also a sales auction, which consisted of precious fine art paintings. Later our attention was brought to the charity foundation when they showed a video, which was very heart felt and touching.

就在刚刚过去的11月26日,由蓝耀公关策划主办的系列慈善活动中的第四个——白天使慈善派对(The Withe Party)在众多爱心参与者的支持中顺利举行。 白天使慈善派对是蓝耀公关策划对慈善活动一次新的尝试,将源自美国迈阿密的白色商务派对与慈善酒会相融合。蓝耀不仅为参与者提供了舒适自在的商务交流空间,同时每一位来宾的出席也为“天使妈妈”儿童慈善组织提供了支持。 白天使慈善派对邀请到了罗马尼亚籍的歌手Janina出席并为大家现场演唱,在活动中还有慈善组织提供的多件书画艺术品进行了义卖并受到了参与嘉宾的热情捐助。




Posted by Ricky de Haas on 29 November 2013

After several months of preparation the day had finally come, Friday 25th of October. At the Crowne Plaza Chengdu Panda Garden Rot Weiss a company from German Origin was celebrating their opening ceremony of 100 years. Some of the invited guests include: members of the German consulate, CEO of Rot Weiss, representatives of Sichuan transportation, Sichuan news, members of the British and German chamber of commerce. They all attended the event to show their support for this amazing event and to enjoy the opening ceremony of Rot Weiss that has a rich history. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed German food, beverages whilst watching the Red Water band perform. BlueSun International PR would like to thank everyone for his or her unconditional support we received for this event.


Posted by Ricky de Haas on 31 October 2013

On Tuesday 29th of October BlueSun PR hosted their monthly event this time at the Ritz Carlton Flair Bar in Chengdu which has a fantastic view in the city center. Guest were able to enjoy delicious cocktails, finger food and also see an international DJ perform at the venue throughout the event. The feedback our company received from this event was incredible. On behalf of everyone at BlueSun PR we would like to thank you for your support.


Posted by Ricky de Haas on 31 October 2013
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